Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sometimes it's the not so little things

The last few days have been uber hard. I've been working all day, nights and weekends and all the while training for a marathon on top of the big show. In the midst of that we've had some disciplinary issues... I deal with kids all day, of course I have some disciplinary issues. But it's not my usual stuff because I don't have problems in my classroom.. usually. Cause I'm there and my student's know my expectations. But lately I've been gone so much with the big show that they are pushing the boundaries. I feel like we are still at week 2 instead of the end of the first grading period.

Anyway... all that to say, It's been rough.

But today was great.

First off... I ran fast this morning.  A total of almost 3 miles at a 8:30 pace. It wasn't a constant 8:30 pace. That would be too incredible to believe.. but it was running almost an 800 and then walking for a couple of minutes to catch your breath and then running again... so I was pumped. I figured I'd be sore. I'm not.

Then I got to school and found out that I was named one of the teachers of the month! Even better, I get to share it with a few really incredible teachers... including one of my besties. :)

And last, we had our final practice performance for the big show today. Yippee. We are ready!

I leave tomorrow to install the art exhibit and the final countdown to the BIG SHOW has begun!

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