Tuesday, August 20, 2013

From Jungle to Hardscape. cool.

This is where we started the summer. Remember our jungle?

Then we got to here, but we ran out of energy, inspiration, and money so we took a breather from yard work.

Then Saturday morning, it was cool for an August morning in Texas, so Doug decided to tackle the "triangle." He took before and the early during pictures on his phone and he texted them to me. However, this week as I sat in in-service and listened about the freedom of information act and public records and how my personal texts can be requested because I am a teacher... (WHAT???) I sat there and deleted all old texts. I have nothing to hide and live pretty open, but that bugged me... so now, if I want a picture of something buried in an old text... too bad! So sorry, no pictures of the early phase!

Here Doug and Maddie are smoothing out 27 bags of sand.

 Then they got to work building the fire pit!

After they built the firepit, they put out 30 bags of Arkansas river rock. 

That was a LOT of work!!

Maddie was Doug's helper all day and did amazing!

They did an incredible job!! While it was cool for August, it was still 93+ degrees! They worked all day and created a wonderful hardscape firepit/planter bed for our front yard!

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