Sunday, August 4, 2013

Estate Sale Finds

I love estate sales, garage sales and auctions! You just never know what you are going to find! On Saturday, Doug and I walked a couple of blocks from our house to an estate auction. It was at a house I was longing to see but knew I wasn't going to get to see because 1) it was like 3 times more expensive than my house 2) I'm not allowed to look at houses (yet) since we have only lived in ours for 7 months.

Anyway.. The house was a Brady Bunch time capsule! Incredible! The owner was a doctor and the wife an artist. You can imagine the finds! 

I got some cool stuff for my classroom.. 

Like an unfinished clay bust. The wife died before she finished it. 


And some cool body parts! My students will love drawing those!


And some artwork. Now some people are looking to make money in art work at estate sales. Not me, I only buy pieces I like. If one day they turn out to be worth something, great. But I'm not buying a piece unless I want it for myself!

I love this piece. I tried to find the artist, but no luck. There is a current artist named Pam Nichols, but given the age of these people and when the other pieces were purchased/made in their house, I think this piece had to be pressed in the 60's to early 80's. I think this piece is going in my bedroom, or the living room. Nice neutral palette with lots of texture.

We also got a Picasso print. You can see the aging. I personally like the faded print more than the original colors of red and yellow. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this one. 

The last two pieces I can't tell who painted them. The night scene is fairly large and we are going to rematt it and hang it at Doug's office. It is a fabulous piece! 

And this one is small, maybe 8x10. I love the loose buildings. I think it's on craft paper or a paper bag!

If you have ever seen pieces like these and know who "Betty" ?? Is, I'd love to see more of her? Work!

And those are our "treasures!" 

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