Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Week of School 2013

One of my friends posted on facebook that there is NOTHING more exhausting that teaching the first week of school. I agreed with her. Some commented about harder things... but all of them had something to do with teaching and then doing something else. I have to say, I can't imagine adding anything else to my schedule right now. Even after 15 years, the first week of school is a KILLER!!

And I didn't rest this summer! It's a wild ride this Education business!

Anyway, we survived the first day. Everyone seemed to fair well.

Here are the pictures. It was weird taking first day of school pictures in a different place. I almost wanted to stop by the old house and take a picture by the big pine tree. But no time for that!

Maddie started 8th grade. Lexi is in 3rd grade and Kylie is officially a Pre-k kid.  

And there we are.

I'm thinking I need a Friday morning picture. I'm guessing we will be a little more bleary-eyed for that one!

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