Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yipppee. I am so proud of myself!

Doug and I ran the homecoming 5k.

My first 5k as a "runner." Doug's first 5k ever.

Here we are before the race!

Here I am with my fellow running partners before the race. Before running with these ladies, I didn't really see the need to run with a group. But now I really enjoy it. It's fun, they make me laugh and we run faster!

The goal was to run it in 30 minutes. I wasn't sure if that would be possible. When we started, all the racers were clumped together and I wondered how this was gonna work! At our first walking minute I know that people were frustrated that we had just run by them to walk.. but too bad :) After playing cat and mouse with people for 3 miles, in the end, we beat a lot of them! Personally, I LOVE the Galloway running method!

Below are the results! I ran it in 29:10!!!!!!!!!  I was 7th in my age group! And yes, there were more than 7 in my age group. There were 21!  How cool is that!

And here is the AFTER picture of some of the ladies I run with.

How did Doug do? Awesome!! He completed his first 5k in 34:34! And that's just 2 months post elbow surgery!!

What's next? a 10k next week. that's what! Onward and Upward!

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