Monday, October 22, 2012

Posterized 3 tone Watercolor Tutorial

I'm always on the lookout for new or different projects to add to my art 1 curriculum. Recently I came across a nice watercolor project that uses 2 tones, but I wanted my project to be a little different. I see lots of 2 tone projects.

So taking what I like from the 2 tone "posterized" project and ramping it up a little, here is the 3 tone project that my students will be working on after they finish their packing tape sculptures!!

Personally, I love how this came out! And it was SUPER easy!! Like 30 minutes from start to finish!! (It will take longer for students I realize, but it will still be a fast and easy project for them!)
Step one: Find a photo that you want to play with.
 Step 2: Using photoshop or a free site like picmonkey, posterize your photo to 3 layers.
 Step 3: Print it out. And either free hand the drawing onto your watercolor paper or trace it using a carbon or light box or just rub graphite on the back and trace it onto the page.
 Step 4: I am using watercolor pencils for this project as I wanted something easy. I have lots and lots of cheap watercolor pencils that my students can use to play. I like using watercolor pencils at this point in the year as they are feeling confident with the colored pencils by now, but watercolors still seem scary. This is a nice bridge project.
 Step 5: Once you have the two basic areas completed, go back over the lines with a darker colored pencil. I used purple for this.
Step 6: Using a TINY amount of water and a preferably decent brush, paint on the water and your pencil becomes watercolor. I love watercolor pencils!!
And that's it. Thirty minutes from start to finish. Enjoy.

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