Thursday, October 11, 2012

Super Girl

Months and months ago, Kylie saw the Dora the Explorer episode where Dora's twin siblings are super babies. Since then, she has had a fascination with anything "super." So no surprise, Kylie decided she wanted to be Super Girl for Halloween. Except that she was NOT going to wear a skirt. Kylie does not wear dresses, or skirts or anything girly.  She likes shorts.
Well, fast forward to portrait day at school. Kylie is NOT impressed. She doesn't want to have to wear a dress and she really isn't excited about having to sit still and smile. Until, smart momma asks her if she wants to be Super Girl in the picture. Oh Baby!! She can't wait!
Thankfully, I have an awesome friend that found and purchased the entire outfit for me, I had the costume ready to go this morning.  Kylie didn't wear the mask to school, but she did wear the top and bottom. The cape was special for the pictures and then remained in the backpack!
Isn't she adorable!!

Yes, she is Super Girl!

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