Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Allergist

I'm taking Kylie to see Dr. Wasserman tomorrow. Dr. Wasserman is Maddie's allergy/immunology doctor. ( ) should anyone need it.

Why would I put my non-compliant 3 year old in the car and drive more than 2 hours to see a doctor?

Well... because he's the best. And doesn't she deserve the best? :)

In preparation for tomorrow's visit, I got a copy of when she had antibiotics/steroids last year.

Case in point:  THIS is why she needs Dr. Wasserman.

Looking at the last year, Kylie was sick and on antibiotics/breathing treatments/ and/or steroids..

September , October, November, December. Surgery to remove adenoids, tonsils and place ear tubes in February. Was sick TWICE in March, then June, twice this September and already once in October.

This is on top of taking two prescription allergy meds EVERY Day and one over the counter allergy med.


So tomorrow Kylie and I will begin a journey I know so well. It just usually involves Maddie. 

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