Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Costumes are Cool for School!

It's Red Ribbon Week in our school district.
That means, every day is a different dress up day.
On Monday, Maddie got to wear her Halloween costume to school.
That's cool in my book. I love getting extra wearing out of expensive costumes!!
Doesn't Maddie look GREAT!!
And, I got to pick up Kylie's pictures today from school.
Yep, Super Girl was adorable!!
Not $250 worth of adorable.
Sorry, but who needs 14 sheets of pictures plus the digital copies of a photo?
Are they NUTS???
Anyway..  I did purchase pictures. I got the smallest package possible. Ouch.
Bright side, I have really cool pictures for her scrapbook!
Tomorrow we are all wearing red.
Glad I look good in red.
Just in case you didn't know,
wearing red says that I'm not gonna use drugs.

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