Friday, September 3, 2010

A few random thoughts

Life is busy.  No more than anyone else’s I realize; but busy nonetheless.

Going somewhere fancy with my husband is not something I do very often.  Here we are last weekend.  We were attending a business function.  The food was good and I even knew some of the people, so that was of course a nice bonus! 
sept2 107

Fall sports have started. In our house that means cheering on the Stephenville High School Yellow Jackets and Honeybees.  Maddie’s volleyball practices started this week and Lexi starts either basketball or dance next week.
sept2 101

With the weather beginning to cool (THANK THE LORD!!) sniffles have started. The girls are going through lots of tissues and Maddie has “that look” that she gets before she has a full sinus infection.  I am so hopeful that with Labor Day we can get a little rest and maybe not have her down for days. 

Kylie is into everything!  I mean NOTHING is safe!  It seems that she has Mrs. Incredible genes! Our only hope is that she will use her brains and brawn for good and not evil! sept2 003

And my last bit of randomness….

Have you ever had a conversation with God at 1:30am? I am continually amazed at what I learn about God and my expectations of life and myself during my middle of the night conversations. 

I find the following quote to be very true.

“Make time for the quiet moments as God whispers and the world is loud.”

I just wish I could make time during the day and not from 1:30 to 2:30am!

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