Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Slide Conqueror and some Kindergarten Magic

 aug24 004 aug24 005  aug24 008aug24 018aug24 007   aug24 021     aug24 020

Miss Determination is at it again!!  I guess turning a big ONE year old last week has Kylie motivated to accomplish her next big trick.  Yes, that trick is climbing up the slide, turning around at the top, sitting down and then going down the slide by herself. 

It’s hard to believe that she’s really still a little one who’s age is counted in months. 

And then there is Lex :)  If she was lacking in self confidence before, she has truly found her voice in the last couple of days.  She is rather proud to be a Kindergartener!
aug24 015

aug24 011aug24 010aug24 013aug24 012
It’s just too bad that she doesn’t have any personality!

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