Monday, September 13, 2010

Newlyweds at 70+

Labor Day weekend Doug’s mom Ruth got married. Doug’s dad died almost seven years ago and Ruth had aged dramatically over these years.  However, last spring she met Charlie and started living again.ruth_c
As Ruth began to plan her “simple” wedding, things escalated as all things wedding seem to do.  By the time we got to the wedding we had all the family, five musicians, a caterer, a photographer and much more.  Since it had become a dress up affair, Lexi and Kylie got to wear fancy dresses.  It was fun to see Lexi wearing the dress that Maddie wore in my sister’s wedding and Kylie was wearing Lexi’s!big girls_ckylie_C lexi dancing_c our fam_c

So we all celebrated the wedding of Ruth and Charlie.  May they enjoy their twilight years together.
Together they are younger and happier and our girls seem to put the twinkle in their eyes!couple_ckylie and charlie_c

whole family_c
It was a good day.

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