Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hmm.. maybe that’s why?

I read an article this morning on yahoo.  You should go read it too. 

Survey: Americans don't know much about religion

What I read wasn’t surprising at all.  Basically it shows that American Christians don’t know their theology.  We like to spout the rhetoric and get all upset about political and worldly things.  But when it gets down to it, we can’t back up what we say, because we don’t know what we believe, why we believe it or where we could find it.

I have to say, that I really do try to not be too political on here, but I’m gonna say one thing. 

There are many people who say, “What Would Jesus Do” and then make some political remark about why we shouldn’t do something or why we should be afraid if so and so got elected.  I have heard many times… You voted for WHO??? How can you do that and be a Christian?

So here is my response. 

I’m going to vote for anyone I want :) But I’m going to let the example of  Jesus be my guide.  And in case you didn’t know..

Jesus, fed the hungry.  He didn’t ask if they were capable and couldn’t they work.  He fed them.

Jesus, healed the sick.  He didn’t ask if they deserved to be healed. He just healed them.

Jesus was an advocate for the orphan and widow.  Two groups of people that had no voice.

Jesus was NOT an advocate for the well-fed, arrogant establishment whose only concern was to make sure that their portion would at least remain the same if not grow larger.

So I ask you, consider what you believe.  Be it Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jew or whatever.  Know what you believe, why you believe it and be able to defend it.

Heck, if you call yourself a Christian and you don’t own a bible, maybe you could even go pick one up and open it up.  Don’t know where to start reading?  How ‘bout Matthew or Luke?

Cause to be honest, I’m tired of “American Christianity”  and the idea that being a Christian and being an American are one in the same.  Newsflash: They are NOT! 

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