Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How about some fudge with your beads?

With only a few more days of school left before the holiday (oh Hallelujah) the girls and I made fudge tonight so that Maddie has teacher gifts!  You can see that this was serious business. I am always glad later that I take the time to do these things with the girls, but during the mess and the project, I rethink the whole "get your kids involved" concept!

To go along with the fudge, I have also made beaded necklaces (and one bracelet).
Here's an up-close view of a couple of the ones I have made so far.

And here I am modeling one for you :)

So, that's what I am doing tonight.  Well, that along with refereeing the girl's fights,
telling them to stop whining, and all manner of kid juggling.

I know, one of these days, in what will seem like a blink of the eye, the girls will be grown and I will miss these moments. And that's why I do it.  That's why even when I am exhausted to the point of tears, I make fudge and let them help even though it takes twice as long to make.  Because these moments are precious and years from now I pray that they will remember the fudge we made together for their teachers.

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  1. You are WAY ahead of me! I haven't made one single holiday item!!!