Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas is SNOW much fun!

Wow!! Snow for Christmas.  Here in Texas that just doesn’t happen! The girls had a wonderful time playing in the snow Christmas eve and Christmas day.  It was nice to be able to stay home and just enjoy each other.snow2 snow

And there was a special present under the tree for me this year.  Lexi wrapped this ALL by herself :) At age 5, I think she did a pretty good job! Inside was a shirt that she picked out to give me.  Thanks Lex!christmas2

One of the traditions we started a number of years ago is having a Christmas morning brunch.  Well, it started as a brunch and now it’s more of a breakfast in that none of us can wait that late to eat :)

This year along with my parents and Doug’s mom we had two international students, Nancy and JC join in our fun.  JC even played dolls and helped to dress them.  It was really cute!

brunch brunch2Finally, one of the funny moments from the day…. Doug came in the house with this.  For people that are not used to seeing icicles, this was crazy! (In fact, Lexi just walked by and said, “Daddy has an ice sword”).christmasWell, there were lots more special moments during the day and we were able to see and enjoy family all day.  Christmas is such a special time.  Trying to find the balance in giving is sometimes hard, but it is so worth it. 

One thing I have really tried to do this year was to make more gifts and have them on-hand.  I so love to give people gifts when they come by!  We have laughed that we have traded goodies with one of the older ladies who lives across the street from us all season.  I think we have all been blessed by doing so.

I hope that your families had wonderful celebrations and that you were blessed by others this season just as you blessed others.

Today, Doug and I are celebrating our 11th anniversary and then tomorrow we are celebrating Christmas with Doug’s brother and his family.

Have a great day!

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