Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crocheted Necklaces

necklace necklace2I am becoming a jewelry making fool.  Last night I completed my 10th piece.. all in one week!

I’ve also learned a lot in the process.. like silver wire stays on the roll and unwinds nicely. Gold wire does not!  I’ve also learned that the best looking pieces have a variety of gemstones and acrylic beads.  This also helps with the cost if you happen to need a lot of gifts.

One of the nicest things about these pieces is that they are forgiving when it comes to size.  The mesh you  make crocheting gives the piece flexibility in the size!

necklace4  necklace3 My inspiration for these necklaces came from Inky Smiles blog and like Erin, I recommend watching the tutorial below curtsey of Auntie’s Beads if you want to learn how to create these yourself.

One thing I would say different than the video is that it does matter (at least to me) how the beads are strung onto the wire initially.  Random is great, but if you have different sized beads or a few special beads, you need to take the time and string them on at different intervals on the wire.  Otherwise you will get a lump of special beads.  Yes, I speak from experience :) In the necklace above, you can see what I am talking about!

Well, good luck in your jewelry endeavors!

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  1. Wow - really cool necklaces. It's hard to believe that is crocheting - with wire? Who thinks up this stuff? lol