Saturday, August 15, 2009

Journaling for baby #3 with a twist

year of memories2

As much as I’d like to think, believe or even wish, I know that no matter my intention, with baby #3 I will have absolutely no time to reflect on how grateful we are that she is here. 

When Madalyn was born, I wrote in a journal on the date of her birth every month for more than 2 years.  I love looking back at the journal and seeing what was going on in our lives and what amazing feats she was doing.  Then Lexi came along and I was able to get most of the 15th’s during the first year and hit a few during the second, but the quality and quantity of writing was just not there.

So now, here we go with #3 and I know going into it that life is not going to afford me the pleasure of writing sweet nothings to my baby. If I’m lucky, I may remember to write things down like the date of her sleeping through the night, her first tooth and other milestones.  In order to help me record some of my thoughts and feelings, I have created a little journal of the months for the first year.  I have included places for pictures and the pages are small with only a couple for each month.  Already I don’t feel so overwhelmed as I don’t have this empty journal with 200 pages to fill!

Here is what I created today.

year of memories

And here are a few pictures of the back side of the month tabs.

I am guessing I don’t have to say how ready I am to get to use this journal!

Supplies are Basic Grey Papers, Creative Cafe book, CTMH stamps and inks and a variety of suppliers of embellishments.

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