Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Whatcha think? Is this country enough??

country m 002 Large Web view
I am working on decorating a chipboard M for a friend of mine.  She likes country decor and said to decorate it to just almost gaudy.  Well, that seemed easy enough except that I have realized that in this process I am not country.  Not even a little.

So what do you think?  The flower and buttons are not glued on and anything can be painted over.  I have to say, it’s growing on me and that worries my husband :)

Here are a few close ups of the project.

All thoughts and ideas are welcome!

1 comment:

  1. Em, from what I see in country type stores in Weatherford and Deleon is turqoise pieces and bling, like rhinestones. Purses and t-shirts with those items are HUGE! You might try something like that over the flower. Other than that suggestion, it is really cute.