Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An amazing adoption story!

Some friends of mine have been in the process of waiting on an adoption for a while.  Last summer, they turned in their “book” and have been waiting to be chosen by a birth mom.  They expected once they were chosen to have a couple of months to get ready. Amy has been incredible in all of this, she truly has rested in the fact that God is in control and that at some point she would be holding a child to call her own.

Well, yesterday the agency called and asked if they would like to come and pick up their 8 day old son!  Can you imagine!! No warning, no preparation, no supplies, no shower, no anything.. except of course A BABY!!!!

So with great pleasure, welcome Ryan! What a wonderful surprise and blessing!! Here are the pictures of the family that I stole off Facebook :)

6534_1135033289245_1029710299_30400488_1144719_n 5296_132798201809_729696809_3218547_1183064_nIsn’t he wonderful!!!!!!!!!

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