Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Vintage Craft Project

vintage card project 001 Large Web view
I found these two “bowls” at a garage sale and just couldn’t pass them up. Nope, I have no attachment to them in that I’m not related to the person who made the craft or do I even know the people that were given the cards.. but I was intrigued nonetheless.

After talking to the daughter that was getting rid of these pieces, I am challenged to find a way to make something like this, but to also incorporate the signatures and notes inside the cards. That’s the reason she didn’t keep these treasures, there isn’t anything personalized on the project.

Can you imagine the work that went into these pieces?? The cards have been cut out, laminated in some way, shaped and then stitched together. It’s just too bad that all of this work doesn’t showcase the people who got these cards.  I tell you, I’m gonna find a way to make something like this and include a picture of the person and some dates!

I’ll post what I come up with… whenever that may be :)vintage card project 003 Large Web view
Have a great day!

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