Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Oh Baby Box

oh baby box 002 Large Web view

As we prepare for baby #3, I am determined to get as many memories preserved as possible before her arrival. Given that I have yet to scrapbook or even print out pictures from my pregnancy with Lexi and she is closing in on five years old, I know that if I wait to work on this baby’s memorabilia, she could easily be 20 before it happens! So, to that end, I have worked to make my life easier and to preserve memories at the same time!

Here is what I came up with.  A few months ago, I created this box and file pockets and am doing my best to keep up!  Some of the weeks were easy and some I haven’t printed pictures yet (oh shock..)  However, on the whole, I am thrilled with what I have so far!

My goal is that over the next week or so to get the box completed.  I have the appointment reminder cards and things like that I will add to the box.  I am not putting a lot on the pocket itself about my showers as I will scrapbook those events, but for now, the memorabilia can be stored in the box.  Then, if it takes me 20 years to get to scrapping the showers, I will have all of my memories together!

oh baby box 008 Large Web view

I am also going to make a few pocket pages for welcome cards and a visitor page to go in the box.  Looking back, I wish I had done something like this for Lexi, daughter #2..

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  1. CUTE!!! We've decided to not buy the pre made Korea adoption baby book this time around. We'll have you make one that fits us perfectly ;)