Monday, July 6, 2009

A great trip to the Grocery Store! What???

No, I didn't go to the grocery store in the middle of the night or by myself :) I had both Maddie and Lexi with me and it was the middle of the afternoon. But I am so pumped and proud of myself!

I printed out my list of groceries from my website and looked to see what we needed. Well, we needed about everything on the list as this program is designed for you to COOK! What??? So we got the list and went to the store.

Maddie helped me check prices and I taught her to compare price by the ounce. She really got into this being that she loves math! Lexi got in the way and jumped around a lot, but that's Lexi.

At the end of our adventure, my basket was full of food that has to be cooked or consumed this week. Meaning, no prepackaged items except for breakfast cereal and the "treat" we each chose. I didn't know a cart could look like this!

At the check out, we spent more than if we had just purchased the list items, but man, we bought fresh fruits and veggies (as well as laundry detergent). I figured it out and if we had only purchased the items on our list we would have spent $10 less than what e-mealz allotted.

Instead, I bought just about everything we need for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next week and spent on average $1.50 per person per meal. Now if we'll just eat at home. But I am pumped about it as I don't have this looming thing called "what's for dinner" hanging over my head!

Well, I'm off to scrap a bit before making Italian Chicken Roll Ups and Parmesan Potatoes for dinner!!

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  1. Hi Emily! I got the link to your blog from Libby's blog. I'm happy to have found it! Your post here reminds of the documentary we watched last night called The Future Of Food. It was very interesting and motivated me to cook at home more, We also want to start a garden next year.