Saturday, April 9, 2016

Family Time

In the midst of lots of deadlines and busy stuff, I have been enjoying some plain ole fun family time. No agenda, just outside togetherness. Maddie works on her leadership routine for Colorguard tryouts, Lexi shoots baskets and Kylie rides her bike, roller skates, or scooters!

I sit and watch, take pictures, "help" with the routine, get in Lexi's way, and chalk with Kylie. Kylie even learned how to fly a kite by herself this week!

Last weekend, Kylie and I went down to the trail and she rode her bike while I ran with/behind her. She made it the entire 3 miles! I was so impressed! And she didn't even have to stop and rest for awhile at the halfway point.

Doug was out riding his bike and met us on the trail for a photo op. :)

Kylie rode faster with her daddy. I ran faster trying to keep up! 

By the time we made it back to the starting point, we were hot and tired! It was an 80+ degree day.

We have also started playing in our backyard again! Three cheers for our new gardener (retired neighbor) who has made our yard incredible! It is so nice having a place to play. 

And yes, that is a hay bale on the ground in the middle of the yard. That is our "chia pet." It is Lexi's roping dummy, but the hay bale got left in one spot too long and is now part of the yard!

And that is what I have been doing in my free time. Nothing! This is the perfect time of year in Texas. We have to enjoy these high 70's/low 80's afternoons while we have them!

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