Saturday, April 9, 2016

Another Isagenix Milestone

I hit another Isagenix milestone this week.

I'm rather pumped about it.

I completed my first 2 day cleanse and with it am feeling stronger and leaner than I have since longer than I can remember.

In fact, to be honest.. when I was starving myself at age 16 and wearing a GIRLS size 12/14, I might have weighed less, but I wasn't confident and I wasn't strong. I was weak and broken and hiding.

Today, I am proud of who I am and where I am going!

This was me on Wednesday of this week. I had just taken 2 minutes off my 1/2 mile swim time!

That night I was a vendor at Tarleton's Kinesiology expo for a thousand students. I didn't go prepared. I really wasn't sure what to take or what to do. But what I found out about myself through this is that I am really proud of my progress and who I have become. I didn't sell anything at the fair. ( I didn't have product to sell! I only had the product Doug and I use everyday!) But I was able to inspire a few others and give hope to others. 

Lifelong fitness is a journey for EVERYONE! 

Thursday morning I got up and ran 4 miles with friends. After a 2 day nutritional cleanse.  I realize it's hard to even fathom. I can't explain how it works either... I just follow the guidelines and I don't feel crazy or even all that hungry for that matter.  

Then I took measurements... and smiled. 

Over the 2 days I lost 4.5 pounds and 13.75 inches! While I LOVE the pounds lost.. I am more excited about the inches. With the scale victory I am now pretty much the same size as when I got pregnant with Maddie.. and she turns 16 in a few weeks!

With the inches lost, my BMI goes down and my lean muscle mass goes up. How exciting.

And so here I am.
Dreaming of the future.

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