Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The no-wheat, no-dairy, no-egg, no-legume, no-nightshade, no-honey, no-coconut, no-beef, no-turkey diet

So how are we doing on the new extremely restricted diet? Okay. Still learning! All of us are trying new foods and adjusting our lifestyle.

Maddie is feeling better! YAY! She has detoxed and her body is adjusting. She has lost a few pounds that she didn't need to lose, but she isn't hurting as badly and that is the most important part of the equation.

Here we are on Easter morning.

We have a tradition at our church of eating breakfast together on Easter morning. Yeah. Well, that was a little tough for Maddie, but I bought her some "waffles" and she ate those. Yes, I put quotes around it, because it's hard to describe any baked good/pastry as such when it doesn't include any wheat, egg, dairy, soy, or potato in any form!

Through all of this Doug has been expanding his culinary skills. Who would have thought a few years ago when he took an interest in cooking that now it would be so important! And I'm learning to bake without the traditional baking ingredients.

Some things haven't been that great. But we are learning. Like who knew that ground flax meal could replace an egg!! Weird.

Here are some pictures of the meals.

I LOVED the spagehetti squash with no-tomato marinara sauce!

Here are my banana muffins. (they were okay..)

And my pancakes. They were pretty good. I've got to get a sifter. No-wheat "flour" is sticky and really needs to be sifted!

And this is what the inside of my fridge looks like. Thankfully we started eating way healthier a couple of years ago and then I went with the Eat to Live lifestyle last year, so we had been transitioning.. just not the girls.  Now we are all transitioning. like.it.or.not.

I'm hoping that these nutritional changes might make things easier and better for Maddie. I've been gathering stuff for taxes and when you see our life in the form of medical bills. oh.my. Maddie had 37 doctor/medical tests/therapy visits last year in addition to the run of the mill stuff like dental visits and such. And she is a full-time honor roll student who is very involved in extra-curricular activities. I can't imagine what she could accomplish if she was well!

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