Monday, April 18, 2016

Our 7th Kidney Walk

The 2016 Fort Worth Kidney Walk has come and gone. This was our 7th year to participate in a kidney walk and it really is such a special day for families whose lives are touched by kidney disease.

This year we had Maddie's Colorguard instructor and some of her colorguard friends join us along with some other good friends. It was really nice to have friends as our family was scattered and couldn't attend.

The best part of the Kidney Walk is remembering that we are not alone in this journey. So much of our life is defined by urinalysis and blood work. Here, every family and every team understands our walk.

There were so many people! I didn't even want to start my pace tracker as we had to walk so slowly getting started!

 I really loved seeing this. Maddie with her tribe. Makes a mom smile.

They messed up the course and the volunteers didn't seem to know how to get us going in the correct direction, so instead of being a 3 mile walk, we ended up with only a 1.3mile walk.. But you know, for us, that was okay.

Maddie had never completed the walk. She had never been able to walk under the finish sign. 

Well, because they didn't have us turn around and walk back the correct distance, she was able to finish!

That was a big deal! And since it was such a big deal, we sent her back through with our different friends.

 We finished the day with Kylie getting her face painted.

All in all, it was a really nice day.
Next year, maybe Maddie can walk the entire 3 mile course.

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