Monday, November 3, 2014

Better than Carved Pumpkins!

I did not grow up carving pumpkins. I have no sweet memories of pumpkin guts and Halloween tales. I'm not sorry about that. However, I do want my kids to have a frame of reference when others talk about Halloween, so we participate in the fun stuff and explain to our kids why we don't participate in the rest.

Anyway... since I'm not into pumpkin carving, I looked for alternate decorating ideas. 

I ended up with some WINNERS!! 

For Kylie's pumpkin, I sprayed painted a base coat of silver and then gave her paint sticks to play with. I LOVE paint sticks.

Paint sticks (I use Playcolor) are awesome. The paint dries in seconds and blends and is fun with NO MESS!! And the paint sticks last way longer than you would think, so while it seems expensive, it isn't near as pricey as it feels!

After Kylie painted, we put on the BOO bling that I bought at Walmart. The overall effect was great. And except for me having to pull the BOO off the liner, Kylie was able to do the entire project herself.

In fact, next year I'll not prime the pumpkin first. The youngest child at our little pumpkin party at age 3 painted her pumpkin herself and it looked great on the orange!

Next was Lexi's project. I sprayed it with gloss white as it's base coat.

Lexi decided to do melted crayon on her pumpkin. I was leery as I have seen so many melted crayon projects literally fall apart as the crayon pops off the base. But I figured why not.. the pumpkins were only going to be around for a week, so we might as well try it.

I got out my craft heater and we peeled some neon crayons and she was ready to go. 

The only real issue was that the heater sprayed dots of wax all over the kitchen table. I'd put something down to protect the table next time!

Ten minutes later and we were finished!

Two fun pumpkin projects and NO GUTS to clean up!! That is a win!

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