Thursday, March 13, 2014

Riding Horses and Milking Cows

Today while I enjoyed a couple of hours of quiet in my house, the girls went with my mom and sisters to ride horses. I am so glad they got a chance to ride horses (and I got a chance to paint in peace..that's a win/win!)

Here is my mom and the some of grandkids!

Dillon loves riding horses!

Viewer beware... this is a photo dump. :) Maddie took some great pictures for me today! And 30 years from now, the girls won't remember that I wasn't there! They will just enjoy the scrapbook and not think anything of the fact that I'm not in the pictures.. as I am never in the pictures, I'm the one taking the pictures! 

Anyway... Enjoy the pictures of my sisters and the kids. The lady in the jeans, blue shirt and blonde ponytail is Jan, a friend of my mom's! What a great lady! She invites my family out to her place and spends time teaching the kids and they LOVE it!

Lexi loves riding horses!! She was so excited to get to see Patch again and ride him.

My cousin Morgan arrived just in time to go ride horses too.

They even got to ride in the arena.

 The bonus on the day... they learned how to milk a cow!

Thanks so much Jan for a great afternoon! The girls talked about it all evening! 

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