Saturday, March 22, 2014

Catching the elusive 8 minute mile

I had my best 4+ mile run today! I ended up sleeping in this morning and skipping the Saturday morning group run. So about lunch time I headed over to the local track and did 800's as my training plan called for. NINE of them to be exact. Yes, that is 9 half mile repeats! 

It wasn't just hard, it was tough! But I did it and I kept my pace pretty well. I ran 2 laps in 4 minutes. Then I walked 1/2 a lap. Then ran 2 laps in another 4 minutes. and so forth. I didn't track my 1/2 lap recovery walks as I didn't want it to mess with my time, but I didn't walk too slowly and a 1/2 lap recovery walk was under 2 minutes, so even counting the walk breaks, I'm more than pleased.

Look at my mile splits!

Woohoo! That mile first mile at 7:58 and mile 4 at 8:09!! Yippee.

I'm getting faster!!!

#strongerequalsfaster baby!

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