Thursday, July 4, 2013

no lakehouse trip for us this year

We are supposed to be at the lakehouse this week. Remember?

My side of the family goes to the lakehouse for a redneck time of it during the week of July 4th. I've blogged about it in 2012, and 2009. The girls and I should have left Wednesday morning... but Maddie woke up Tuesday in a bad asthma attack. She couldn't talk for HOURS because it was so bad.  I am very, very thankful that we have written instructions and specific guidelines for treating an asthma flare. But this meant that we were looking at the next couple of days of breathing treatments every 4 hours and then beginning a taper IF she was better.

So... Tuesday evening I met my sister Libby in a parking lot about an hour away from our house and handed off Lexi so that at least Lexi got to go to the lakehouse. Sending my child to the lakehouse without me was scary.  I'm not good at the letting go part of parenting. But I guess this can count as Lexi's "summer camp" experience!

As of today, Maddie still has a wet cough and needs breathing treatments at least every 4 hours. Thankfully her peak flow is back up, but that's on the every 4 hour treatments. So I guess I'll call the doctor tomorrow.

Obviously the lakehouse is out for us this year. 5 families in a 3 bedroom + bunkroom 2 bath house just doesn't sound like the place Maddie needs to be right now.

I promised her that our little family would do something "lakehouse-ish" this summer.

Great. Do you know how many times I have said we would do something that I never planned to do because I am so sad that Maddie has missed out on yet another event!

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