Friday, July 12, 2013

Redoing the Girls Rooms... day one.

I hate to show you the before pictures. Oh my!!  But for you to get the full effect, I think you need to see them!

Here we are cleaning out Kylie's room. It will become Lexi's room.
Cleaned out and ready!

And this is Lexi's room. You can not imagine the nastiness in this room. I was constantly horrified! We have only lived in this house for going on 7 months. Lexi even had a full lunch box hidden in her closet!

With the room trade, Lexi needed a new bed. We had discussed repurposing an old metal headboard from Doug's grandparents, but it doesn't attach to anything and Doug is super busy these days, so I went another direction. I asked my dad to build Lexi a loft bed!!

It was really pretty exciting as he built my sisters and me loft beds in this house years and years ago and now another generation of loft beds has begun in the same house! cool!

Thanks Papa!!!

Being silly. Dad loves silly pictures!

After Dad was finished I covered the bed in a couple of layers of fleece. I repurposed purple fleece from old curtains. I love reuisng things. You don't have to spend any money and you don't have to store the old stuff!

Last weekend I purchased the cherry blossom fabric as Lexi had seen a cherry blossom art project that she wanted to do and we used that as the starting place for the room. After I finished covering the bed, Doug went out and found the old ladder from the bunkbed. It worked GREAT turned upside down and attached to the wall!

Yes, Lexi is rather excited about her new bed and new room.

And just incase you thought we left out the small one.. no.  We got her bed set up and she is going to help me redo the bed in "her" style. Oh my!

So, at the end of day one.. I am EXHAUSTED! But looking at these girls makes it all worth it.

So what am I working on today? Well... all that crap that I took out of their room has to go back. ugh.

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