Saturday, July 13, 2013

Perfectly Repurposed and a little Decorating on the side.

I am deep in the redecorating the house part of my summer. That means nothing is sacred and that anything can be moved or changed or REPURPOSED!! :) Truly, that's what my family is best at!

So, remember my fabric wall tree? If not.. go see this post.

Well, it's now...

How cool is that! I love how it looks on Lexi's wall! I love how the 3d pink mirror flowers that we got from Walmart totally change this tree. It looks so much better on the white wall. I love the contrast!!

Lexi's room is moving and grooving.. but Kylie is a little frustrated in the lack of stuff happening in her room, so I guess I'll be working on her room tomorrow!

In other decorating news, I took the dresser that was in Kylie's room and we made it an entertainment/media center for the tv. The one that we purchased with the couches was nice, but too short!! I love how we were able to repurpose the dresser into the perfect height media center! Doug took the top drawers out and cut a piece of Masonite to fit inside the drawer. We are saving the drawer should we want to return it to dresser use in the future. Isn't this great! And now that the tv is higher, we don't have this cavernous wall behind the tv that looks funny. And a side benefit is that we don't have a family furniture piece sitting in a storage building!

So where did the too short media center go? The bottom of my closet!! Heck ya! It is perfectly repurposed there!! I needed storage for my running clothes and a place to put my shoes, so this works great. And should we need to use it as a media center in the future, it hasn't been sitting in the storage building becoming icky!

But let's go back to the tree business..below is a tutorial for what I did should you want to make your own fabric tree! Enjoy.

How to make an easily removable tree mural by emilymclemore

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