Saturday, July 20, 2013

50% DONE!

When I set my 2013 running goal, I new it was an ambitious one.
But as we all know, I'm all about setting goals and making them!
And it's no fun if the goal is too easy!

Well this morning, after our scheduled run, I saw that I was at 497.4 miles and that would just NOT do!! So while I hadn't originally planned to keep going and run with our short distance group, I quickly changed my mind and headed back out.

Today was GOING to be the day I hit 500 miles!
And I did!!

I am really pumped. I slacked off in April after the Big D and allowed my body some shorter miles for a month, so I was really behind in my goal. But I knew that when fall came, the miles would be ramped back up running 1/2 marathon races and marathon training miles. So I really didn't think I'd hit the 500 mile mark until later this summer.

Now I am DETERMINED that I am GOING to get all 1000 running miles in 2013.

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