Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

I am not a person that gives Satan much credit for things in life. I think that we like to use the powers of evil as an excuse for our bad decisions and a reason to not to take ownership of our mistakes. But sometimes, you just can’t miss the evil that lies beneath daily situations.

Take this morning for instance.

I recently have made a renewed effort to get up much earlier than normal and spend some time reading my bible and praying. I can honestly say doing this really grounds me and that my crazy schedule doesn’t overwhelm me on days when I get quiet moments with God. The first few days were pretty easy. I was able to get up and get moving and the house was quiet and peaceful.

Well, now it seems that the kids are getting up earlier and earlier. I used to have to drag the kids out of bed, but not anymore. It such a little thing, but it’s not!

So this morning I woke up a couple of minutes before my alarm was set to go off. As I was getting out of bed, Kylie woke up. I fed her and lost 30 minutes. I rushed through a shower and as I was pouring a cup of coffee, Lexi walked into the kitchen. It was almost a full hour before I usually get her up! I sent her to get in bed with Daddy. Not five minutes later I heard Maddie’s alarm. Fifteen minutes before her normal time to get up. In she walks, already talking to me. So I explained that this was my time to read and pray. She said okay, went and made a bowl of cereal, came and sat down at the table and started eating. She didn’t say a word, but I heard EVERY crunch of her Cocoa Pebbles! The CRUNCH and the smunch, smunch of each bite about pushed me over the edge! I’ve never noticed how loud eating cereal was until this morning. I so wanted to just close up my stuff and go finish getting ready. But more than that, I didn’t want to start my day that way.

Today was one of those mornings where I had to purposefully focus on God. I really need to find a place where I can sit and be quiet. I desperately want to hear the voice of God, but the munching of Cocoa Pebbles, the rolling of Kylie’s walker and the mama, mama of Lexi provide lots of opportunities for Satan to come in a steal my joy. This morning wasn’t about the needs of my children, Satan was using them to redirect my thoughts from God. I could feel it. It was tangible.

I did finish reading and amazingly, with all of the distractions, God gave me some incredible insights this morning!

I can’t wait to blog about that!

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