Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Prom and the Texas Rangers

Oh Hallelujah!! Prom 2010 is done.  In case you have missed out on the prom drama, I am the prom coordinator at our high school. So with great relief, I can say that Night On The Town was a success and it OVER!prom 011

prom 013

With prom over, I really feel like my school year is just almost over.  Granted it’s not really, but with all of my big events done, I can relax a little and create art myself during class. YIPPEE!

So you might be wondering how THE PROM and the Texas Rangers are related.. well, in my world they are :)  You see, I met my husband while we were both teaching at the high school. It was over talks about the upcoming end of the year banquets and such that he asked me out on our first date.. to a Texas Ranger game.

It also happens to be that I love watching the Rangers and yes, I am a true fan.  I watch even when they are winning. (Which they don’t seem to be doing very often as of yet this season.)

So I’ll leave you tonight with this sweet picture of Kylie!  This is her 34 week old Thursday picture.ranger fan

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