Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Art Show and a little too much information

Well, this past week has been a little nuts.  Even for me.  Last Friday I started feeling bad. I had hoped that it was just working with the clay and all.. but it was not to be.  By Saturday I had a fever.  Sunday I didn’t move. Monday I had to put up the art show.  Yeah, it was a lot of fun to do this with the flu.  The other art teachers and I worked tirelessly for two days to get the show up and ready for the reception Tuesday show6 art show2 art show3 art show5

Thankfully I can say that we did and it we had a great turn out and it looks great.  One mom, Suzanne was the life-saver.  She organized the reception complete with balloons, flowers, cookies and punch.  She is such an awesome lady.  Boy I hope her son likes art :)

So on to Wednesday, I am still sick, but I’d been out of class for 2 days, so I really needed to be at work.  I went and counted the 30 boxes of prom stuff that had been delivered.

Thursday I stayed home and went to the doctor.  I have bronchitis.

Friday I went to school and started inventorying the 30 boxes of prom stuff along with oh yeah, teaching my classes… and I struggled to make it through the day complete with a fever and body aches.

Friday night I taught a new group of ladies a scrapbooking class.  I would have cancelled, but this was their first class with me and the reason they came to me was the last person they tried to get kept cancelling on them!! EEK.. didn’t want to do that.  And I had made some really cute pages. sarsaparilla double1 sarsaparilla double2 sarsaparill double 3

So we are back to Saturday and I didn’t move but to go from the bed to the recliner. I am so lucky that my husband is such a great man. He did laundry all day and cooked meals.

Monday I am going to go to the doctor.  I think I have Mastitis. I’ve got all the symptoms, complete with a fever.  Boy am I glad it’s spring break, my body is worn out!

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