Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Growth Chart.. so worth it!

Don’t you love it when you order something over the internet and it comes better than expected?? Well, this is so true for the Growth Chart!! Yippee!!

In fact, I love that I got a scheduled delivery notice, that the packaging was so great and most importantly, the piece itself was better than I expected.

Here is how it looks on Kylie’s wall. I apologize for the weird shadows, but there is a skylight in Kylie’s room and so we end up with a very bright spot on her wall during the day.  But in real life, the colors are vibrant without being over the top.

growth carth 001 growth chart growth chart2

So if you are in the market for kids bedding, accessories or anything kid, I would highly suggest this site.

Enjoy… and don’t you just love Maddie’s red hair :)

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