Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hostess Gifts: Stamped Tiles

I am in love with these tiles! I made coaster tiles for hostess gifts for my baby shower. I am thrilled with the results! Here they are packaged in groups of four.

To make the tiles all you need to do is a little planning beforehand and gather your supplies and off you go!

My supplies were:

  1. Basic 4x4 white tiles

  2. Brilliance inks in assorted colors

  3. Color Box Gold

  4. CTMH Promise of Spring stamp set

  5. Lacquer spray

  6. Felt circles

To start stamp your image onto the tile. You will have to play around with this as they are incredibly easy to smear. If you don't like what you created, wipe off and try again. I started over a number of times. I also stamped all of one color first and then allowed each step to dry a couple of minutes before going back over with a different color. I really like the 2 tone look of the flowers.

After you stamp your image, smudge the edges with gold ink. It is amazing how much better the tiles look with a little gold on them!

Next, put your tiles on foil lined baking sheets and cook for 20 or so minutes at 325-350 degrees. This sets the color.

Allow to dry and then either give yourself time to allow the tiles to cool and cure or do like I did and rush them along with 2 coats of lacquer once the tiles are dry.

Once everything is dry, place self adhesive felt circles on the bottom of the tiles.

And wallah a very nice gift!

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