Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Madalyn!

I can't believe that Maddie is 9 today! Wow, how the years fly.

I started this pastel of Maddie back in August and just can't seem to finish it.
Maybe one day I'll get my act together and get it completed. I have to say, in person, the shading is more shading and doesn't look like bruising! I'll have to fix that via photoshop!!

When I think back on these years, I am a amazed at what I have learned from being Maddie's mom. Maddie's middle name is Grace and that is such a wonderful description of her. She lives her life with grace. Grace in school when dealing with mean kids, grace at the doctor's office when she is being poked, prodded and asked a thousand questions, and just a wonderful sense of a life filled with grace.
My prayer for Maddie for this year is that she has a year of good health. We have spent so much time with doctors and sick days, I pray that will be a year of no "procedures."
How thankful I am to be Maddie's mom!

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  1. That is a very beautiful picture. Very talented! I will pray to, so she doesnt have to go to the doctors. I have 7 brothers and sisters most of them are under 10 years old so i know how you feel, it sucks for you and her both. I cant wait to see you picture once your done. But it looks really good right now!