Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Technique Tuesday, Make your own wall art!

Make your own wall art!
The inexpensive yet really nice way!!

It's not hard, just takes a little planning, a little creativity and wahla, you have art!

Here is a close up of the words and background.

Now, how did I do this? Well, first I bought a really cool frame from Ikea.
I had the frame in brown, but I really wanted it to pop, so with a little bottle of black craft paint and there you go.

Next, I purchased the saying from Uppercase Living.

Then I stamped my background paper with Close To My Heart stamps and put it in the frame.
For all you nonstampers out there, a nice piece of wall paper or wrapping paper would look great as well. The size of the background is 12"x12".

That's it.

Now, you have a frame with a pretty background and here comes the tricky part :)
Take your saying and put it on top of the glass. This is really a one shot deal, so position carefully! I choose to put the saying on the glass so that I could change out my background paper. You might not change your color pallette as often as I do, so if not, you could just place the saying on the paper itself and that would make framing much easier.

Once you have a really cool piece of artwork, hang it on the wall and enjoy!

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