Monday, April 20, 2009

Moaning Monday.. are pregnant people really supposed to remodel houses?

So for the last week or so I have spent every waking moment outside of the workday working on our house. It is begining to look incredible, I must say. But the cost is my feet, my back, my hands and my exhaustion.

It's all my fault, I am very aware. Doug (my husband) would have never dreamt up finishing off our to do list on this house and trying to sell it and buy a new one before baby comes in August. But me, yeah.. we bought a new house while I was pregnant and Doug practically gutted the thing and made it a show place before Maddie was born. That was almost 9 years ago. I still remember the aches and pains from removing staple after staple from carpet so that our hardwood floors could be refinished.

Move foward about 5 years and we moved to a new town and bought a house. We only did the painting then.. for I was pregnant with Lexi. Over the last few years we have just almost completely remodeled this house. But here we are with baby #3 coming in just a few short months and something in me says MOVE!!! So, that's what we are working on.

Tonight I am posting between cleanings of the brand new tile floor in the den. My dad spent a good bit of the last few days over here installing the new tile floors with Doug and now I am doing the clean up, buffing and final mopping. Man, this is hard work :) But the result is so worth it!!

Thanks for letting me moan and I can't wait to post pictures of our house!

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