Friday, January 31, 2014

Wouldn't trade it for anything, but....

This has been one of THOSE weeks. It seems like every major event or deadline happened to be right around the first week of February. Some of those deadlines before, some after, but everything in it's full on crazy had to be done THIS WEEK!

So what have I done this week? Well:

I took care of Girl Scout cookies for 11 girls. I made bank deposits, ordered cookies, gave out cookies and handled our troops cookies. Thankfully, we are 12 cases from being finished with the selling of 167 cases of cookies.

I finished the last assignment and the final exam for my graduate level art history class. It was way more fun to take a grad class in the summer when I had some down time.

I prepped, printed and plated contest pieces for the Theatrical Design Contest my students are participating in. There is work is phenomenal by the way.

I challenged and inspired 75 students to research the great Dutch Master painters and really feel like a couple of "fringe" or "borderline" students felt successful for the first time all year!

I ran my children to events after school and did all of the crazy momma stuff.

and a dozen other mundane daily and weekly tasks!

So, what did I not do?

I didn't run.

I took the week off.  I am learning that sometimes you have to stop and let your body recover in order to not get injured. Last Saturday's race was really, really hard on my body. Maybe cause I will be 40 in six months or maybe cause I have colitis, but nonetheless, it was a hard race and I needed to allow my body to recover.

I am hopeful that this next week won't be so crazy. But that huge contest date is looming. And sure, those 32 contest pieces will get themselves mounted, matted and paperworked. right?

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