Monday, January 13, 2014

Weight Watchers... again!

As a wise friend reminded me this morning...
It's not a destination... it's a journey.
My reply was that I was hoping for a destination!
What were we talking about? Weight Watchers.
Yep, while I said I wasn't going to obsess over every bite I put into my mouth this year... the only way to actually not do that is to track what I eat.. yep, track every bite.
I know it sounds weird, but when I was on Weight Watchers, I didn't obsess over food. I made smart choices and enjoyed eating.
Then I hit my goal and enjoyed food too much! I used the excuse that I was training for a marathon to eat high calorie unhealthy foods... cause surely I was burning it off!
Well, 12 pounds gained in the last year is too much! So today I rejoined and am going to focus on being healthy.
I'd like to lose 20 pounds. I'd be happy with 15. Sad that if I would have just made better choices over this last year that I could just have 8 to lose.  But isn't that the way things work!?!
My goal is to lose the 20 by my 40th birthday in June. I have time to do it right. I just have to get started!
So this morning I did it. I even took arm, bust, waist, thigh, and hip measurements. eek.
And I'm off on my journey... trying to not stare at the destination!

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