Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Hairdo's!

Lexi and Kylie were desperate for new do's! 
I mean desperate.

When we walked into Great Clips, I think I saw the stylists shudder.

You see, both girls have super fine hair that gets matted extremely easily.
Add that they have a TON of hair, and we get problems.
Add winter break and no schedule and you have PROBLEMS!

So finally, I loaded them up into the car and made it someone else's problem! :)

Here is Kylie having her hair worked on.  Look at how much we cut off.
I was sad to see the golden locks go, but she really, really needed shorter hair.

I didn't get a good picture of Lexi's hair in progress, but there was a lot of detangling.
I also had the stylist thin the back out. There was just too much hair!

Here are Lexi and Kylie afterwards.

See the pile on the floor... that was Lexi's hair alone!! WOW!

Afterwards, we went for yogurt. 
Isn't she adorable. I think the short hair makes her eyes look even bigger!

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