Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking the long-term approach to decorating

We have been in our new house a month.
We still have boxes in the living room.
We still have 1/4 of our stuff at the old house!
This is NOT ME.
My norm is to have EVERYTHING unpacked and put away within 3 days.
My norm is to have curtains made and rooms decorated withing a week or so.
This new me is taking the long-term approach.
When you plan to live somewhere for the next 30 years or so, you can do that.
That being said, I have no finished room pictures.
I have lots of messy rooms that you really don't need to see!
So, instead, I am showing you some of my wants.
Some are in progress.
Others are wishes waiting for funds.
1. Curtains for the living room. Doug bought them the other day. Now they are sitting on the floor waiting to be hung. I need to get another set as I want to continue the theme into the kitchen. Actually
I'd like a floral or circle pattern in the exact same color palette. No, I don't think that will be a problem on my budget... :)


2. A new fixture for the living room. We are changing out all of the hardware in the house from a gold, antique style to brushed nickel.
3. A fireplace screen. I LOVE this one!! But it is expensive!!!! I can dream.
This next one is okay, more budget friendly!
4. Doug bought one of these the other day at Target. It is PERFECT for my scrapbooks and the spot we have for it!! Thankfully the area we are putting it has room for another just like it as I have way more scrapbooks than one of these babies can hold!!

5. And my final item to show you today is the wall art I want for above the couch. Yes, I am aware I could paint something like this in a couple of minutes, but sometimes you just want to buy and enjoy!!

And that's it for today. For more of my wishes and loves, you can find me on pinterest :)

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