Thursday, January 31, 2013

Heavy Breathing

So... I had to wear a holter monitor all day yesterday, all night and this morning.  In case you don't know what it is, its a monitor that records your heart activity for 24 hours. You can't get it wet, you can't take it off and you can't be around a microwave in use.  All easy things to avoid when you are a working mom...

I found this picture off the Internet so that you could see what it looked like.  My leads weren't in these exact locations, but close enough for the web world. Interestingly, there aren't any pictures of females all hooked up to the monitor. :)

Why me you wonder? Well, I'm a healthy 38 year old female who runs a lot of miles. why not? Okay, real answer.. because my heart rate skyrockets when I run. It has always done this my whole life when I exercise, but now that I am older, we are wanting to make sure that all is well.
It's crazy, I've always known that my heart rate goes up really fast and high when I work out, but I didn't realize that other people's don't.  For example, this morning I ran 4 miles in 40 minutes. I walked the first 2 minutes at a 20 minute/mile pace. (that's slow.) Since I did this on the treadmill I could check my heart rate and I would after every 3 minutes of running (during my 1 minute walk break.) At the end of my workout, the summary stated that I was in my target heart rate of 100-150 for 32 SECONDS of the 40 minutes and that my maximum rate was 188.
Apparently that isn't normal.
After the run I thankfully went back to the doctor's office and they removed the monitors and all of the tape. OUCH!
I'm hoping that I'll hear something tomorrow. I have a 15 miler on Saturday!

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  1. ...or not...WOW Emily...That's scary!
    Take care and keep us posted!