Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cabinet Doors and a Sick Kid

We went back to school after Christmas break yesterday. Today I am at home with Kylie. She's got a nasty cough. I'm hoping this is a short break in the week and not the beginning of a cycle that keeps me out of my classroom for a week.

Since I'm at home, I'm working on the kitchen cabinet doors. We changed the knobs first and liked them so much with the black cabinets, that I am changing out the hinges and calling it good. No painting at this time!! Yippee!! Given that there are 29 doors and 14 drawers, I am thrilled.  I'm not planning on this being a long-term fix, maybe a year or two, so I went with contractor grade hinges. 58 hinges. The difference between contractor grade and the good ones are an easy $3 each!! So, needlesstosay, the less than awesome new brushed nickel hinges are perfect.

What's the difference you ask? Well on the expensive ones, the inset in the middle of it is the same color as the hinge. On the contractor grade ones, the inset is a different color. In our case, it is a brownish/maroonish color. It's noticeable, but not worth the price increase.  In may picture below the hinges are gold, the inset is brown. Our hinges are exactly like this except that they are brushed nickel.
Well, I am off to get Kylie to stop climbing on the couch and to finish the cabinets. I'll post a finished pictures later!!

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