Monday, January 14, 2013

Mom's Birthday Party and the Flu

My mom turned 60 this past week.
As she said, this birthday was hard because you can't pretend that you are young anymore.
It's funny, in my mind, my mom is 40. We had a huge party for her when she turned 40. As I was a teenager, she seemed young and old at the same time. While she has aged over the last 20 years, she hasn't aged THAT much. She can't be 60.  But then, I'm closing in on 40, so my math has issues it would seem.
We had a big party for her Saturday night.

Most of the family was there. I even took my 3 sick kids. We had to go..sorry everyone we exposed. Doug bought me boots for Christmas and gave me a gift card to pick out an outfit... so I got a new dress for the party.

Aren't we cute!!

Here are a couple of pictures from the beginning of the party. Lots more people came in, but Lexi was in full meltdown about wanting to go home as she was getting sooo sick, so the camera got put away.  I'm hoping that my sisters got more pictures and a video of my dad singing to my mom! 

We left just as the party was getting going. I hope everyone had a great time.  And I hope no one gets sick because of us! Sorry!!

By the time we got home, all 3 girls were in sad shape. As of Sunday, Kylie was on the mend after being sick for a week, Maddie is in the beginning stages of getting sick and Lexi has all the flu-like symptoms including the fever. Oh man.

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