Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saying Goodbye.

I don't mind being that person in the family that takes pictures at inappropriate times. Because by doing so, I have wonderful pictures of my Grandad's funeral that took place on Monday.

If you don't like seeing pictures of funerals, well, skip this post.

It was a beautiful service.
The chapel felt familiar to me, even though I had never been in it before. Maybe because Doug was speaking, but it reminded me of his preaching days.  Here he is talking with my Grandmother before the service.
Doug did such an incredible job with the serivce. I know it was very hard for him, but I can't imagine anyone who could have done a better job.
Grandad was one of the few surviving WWII Navy veterans. The presenting of the flag was rather poignant.

After the service, was the burial. For the end of September, it was hot.

And finally, here is a picture of my mom and me. It was actually taken earlier in the day, but I like ending posts on a happy note. Don't we look pretty.

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