Friday, September 7, 2012

Heart of Gold Pep Rally

Being a parent of a kid with health issues means most of the time, most of the people you meet have no clue what your day is like.  This week, our local high school football team honored Maddie.  I have felt on the verge of tears for a week!!

This is part one of a few posts.. The Pep Rally. This is actually the second event of the day, but I have pictures of this one. Thank you so much my friend and collegue Tammy Jones for taking these wonderful pictures!

I love how the pictures capture Maddie's excitement and fear all at the same time. In the first picture Coach Gillespie is introducing Maddie to the 1000 people. Scary.

And in the next two pictures Maddie is scared to death that she is going to have to talk!! She is an honorary captain for the game tonight.  No, she didn't talk! 

And after the pep rally with the cheerleaders and mascots. Relief on her face!

Coming soon: posts about the breakfast, the coach's show and then the game.


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